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“We Can Be Heroes” Release Date Preponed

People who follow movies would recognize that The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl came out in theaters about 15 years ago. As of now, the sequel to the film is on its way. And from now on, it seems like they’ve shifted their release date from the 1st of January to Christmas day. We Can Be Heroes is the forthcoming Netflix film series from the streaming giant. It may be classified as a superhero movie.

The script was written by Robert Rodriguez. The film is a direct sequel to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D. You should understand that this film was not actually released by Netflix. Before they had the opportunity to obtain rights to this film project, Sony Pictures and Dimension Films owned it. The characters in this film have been developed by Racer. At this moment in time, nobody can anticipate when this film is going to come out on theaters. This is why distributors are expected to have shifted hands as a consequence of the current pandemic triggered by Coronavirus.

We Can Be Heroes: Updated Release Date

The initial release date for the film was set for January 1st 2020, which was a Friday. It’s going to drop on Netflix, but it doesn’t seem like the film is going to be launched on that day. It wasn’t postponed, so it was simply preponed. The release date of We Can Be Heroes is set to be December 25, 2020, Christmas day. You guys should also note that the IMDb page intended for this movie described the film’s runtime as 100 minutes.

In the upcoming picture, we’re all going to see Sharkboy and lava baby, who’s grown up now. The plot is set years after their children’s adventures. They have all been the mightiest heroes on Earth. Much instead, we see the hostile aliens beating the people of the planet and capturing them. It is also important for their children to step up and learn how to function together whether they still have a chance to save their parents and therefore the entire planet.

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes: Cast Members

Also, the number of casts intended for this film is very flexible. It involves actress Priyanka Chopra taking over the role of Mrs. Granada. Then we have Christian Slater executing a Tech-No role. Pedro Pascal is going to do the role of Marcus Moreno. Taylor Dooley will assume the part of Lavagirl again. The role of Missy Moreno will be executed by YaYa Gosselin. Hayley Reinhart is scheduled to do the aspect of Ms. Vox. Brently Heilbron will be resuming the position of crushing poor.

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