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The Worst Witch Season 5: When Will The Show Return? Everything To Know About It

Worst Witch Season 5 was created by CBBC, ZDF, and Netflix, The Worst Witch is a British-German adventure show that follows a group of teenage witches throughout their training at the school of magic. The series is based on Jill Murphy’s children’s book. Four seasons of the fantasy drama have been released so far, and since then, fans of the show have been waiting and looking forward to The Worst Witch season 5. What’s going on with it, you ask? Will there be more to the show? Read below for more details.

The Worst Witch Season 5: Will There Be Another Season?

The Worst Witch’s fourth season was first released on CBBC in January, followed by a worldwide release in October 2020. The fourth season consisted of 13 episodes. Now onto The Worst Witch season 5: at Cackle’s, the witch school normally lasts five years as the witches are usually registered at the age of 11 or 12 and graduate at the age of 16-17. In the previous season, the fourth season, Maud says the following year will be the graduation year. So, we can all expect to see  ‘The Worst Witch’ return for a season 5.

The Worst Witch Season 5

The Worst Witch Season 5: Plot Details

We predict the fifth season to pick up where the fourth season left off. At the end of the fourth season, the viewers watch Mildred and Maud join up with Ethel as they try to resurrect Miss Cackle. Agatha then banishes herself, and Mildred comes to realize that Izzy is her sister, and Spike is her father.

Mildred and Ethel work out their differences, and Mildred becomes the school’s head student. She’s really thankful. When Mildred becomes the head student, she takes some time to think about how much she has grown since she first joined Cackle’s academy. ‘The Worst Witch’ is most likely to accompany Mildred and her friends’ path as they plan for their last school year. It’s going be a graduating year for both of them.

The Worst Witch Season 5

The Worst Witch Season 5: Who Will Be In It?

From the fourth season, we should expect the entire cast to reprise their roles in the fifth season. This includes Clare Higgins (Headmistress), Raquel Cassidy, and Miss Ada Cackle (Deputy Headmistress), Lydia Page (Mildred Hubble), Megan Hughes (Maud), Tamara Smart (Enid), Jenny Richardson (Ethel), among several more.

With the entire cast coming back, we expect to see some new faces in The Worst Witch’s coming season as well. This include Luciana Akpobaro as she arrives to play Adura. She’s followed by Billie Boullet as Fenella, Karen Paullada as Arabella, and Nitin Gantra, who could come in as Mr. Daisey. The entire lead casting will come back, too.

The Worst Witch Season 5: Release Date

As far as the release date is concerned, all past seasons of ‘The Worst Witch’ were released in January. If the covid-19 doesn’t mess with the producer and CBBC agrees to renew ‘The Worst Witch’ season 5, audiences may expect the show to be broadcast somewhere in the first half of 2021 on CBBC and the second half on Netflix for their foreign audience.

We’ll keep you updated on all the latest news about the show. In the meantime, all four seasons of The Worst Witch are now available for streaming on Netflix if you haven’t yet watched them.

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