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The Undoing: All Your Questions About Elena Alves’ Murder Answered

At the moment when The Undoing, the HBO miniseries started, it practically seemed like a classic whodunit. Also, as all fans already know, there is an answer to the common query of who murdered Elena Alves in Jonathan Fraser. On some other scenario, this aspect could mean that anyone except Jonathan might potentially be the murderer. This element has rendered the discovery that occurred on Sunday an unexpected one, if not shocking.

After we witnessed six episodes full of red herrings which, at different points in time, were aimed at Grace as well as Fernando and Henry, but Elena’s killer was eventually exposed in the mini-series finale. And as it turns out, it was, in truth, Jonathan, as you guys should already realize, that this aspect had deviated from the normal whodunit model.

The Undoing
The Undoing: A still

HBO’s The Undoing ― Who killed Elena Alves?

We know how much of the proof has been pointed at us in Jonathan’s journey from the outset. The guy had gone into hiding after he had perpetrated the crime, and had hidden secrets from his own relatives, such as his adultery with Elena. He also lost his employment a couple of months back. that same night, we noticed how he was there at the crime scene. In a traditional whodunit, both of these considerations will suggest that there’s no chance in the world that it was Jonathan who did the murder.

That would mean that somebody had abused him. But, as occurs, it has proven to be deliberate misdirections on behalf of The Undoing. It is often predicted that the listener would overlook the very obvious in favor of searching for indications that speak to someone else. Jonathan has his own conviction that he didn’t murder Elena all the time. This is, however, what pushed the argument forward. Underlying this aspect is a play on the notion that a rich guy can’t do it anymore, but once he’s achieved it, he’s finished.

How did the show set up the murder story of Elena Alves?

Obviously, we realize that the above is obviously the purpose of his defense and that he tries to keep the prosecutors from finding him guilty instead of simply heading out there to assert his innocence. For a long time, people felt that this was going to happen before Grace’s conviction took shape. Grace appears to be a qualified counselor who testifies that she is mindful that Jonathan is a man of compassion.

She claims he can’t even hurt a moth, but then things take a u-turn when the prosecution, in retaliation, plays the 911 call made by her. During this voice interview, she explicitly mentions that she was terrified of Jonathan when he first arrived in their country house. Well, after he was faced with this apparent indictment, we can see that Jonathan is taking his son Henry for a trip as his last effort to avoid reality.

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