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The Next Season Of Doctor Who Will Be Shortened Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

For Whovians everywhere, we present to you both good and bad news. The 13th season of Doctor Who has officially begun production. Unfortunately, the season will be shortened because of the pandemic, which will consist of just 8 episodes instead of the normal 10 to 11 series. No news as to whether or not the revised episode count contains the upcoming Doctor Who’s holiday special named ‘The Daleks Revolt.’

Doctor Who Enters Production With Strict Safety Protocols In Place

According to the BBC, the series started development with stringent procedures in effect to avoid the dissemination of COVI-19. This increases the time it takes to film each episode, which requires fewer episodes to be shot in order to bring season 13’s release in a timely manner.

Doctor Who’s showrunner Chris Chibnall had something to share regarding the 13th season of Doctor Who.

“In this strangest of years, the Doctor Who team has worked wonders to get the show back into production. We’re thrilled to be back making the show. Given the complexity of making Doctor Who, and with new and rigorous COVID working protocols, it’s going to take us a little longer to film each episode. Meaning we expect to end up with eight episodes, rather than the usual 11. But rest assured, the ambition, humor, fun and scares you expect from Doctor Who will all still be firmly in place. For everyone around the world, this is a challenging period – but the Doctor never shirks from a challenge!”

What Will Season 13 Bring For The 13th Doctor?

The last time we saw the Doctor was at the close of season 12 while staring down her biggest enemy, The Master. She also heard certain shocking facts concerning her own history and the roots of all the Time Lords. Season 13 is expected to contend with these changes of mythology. And we realize that the upcoming holiday special will see the Doctor split from her Earth-bound friends. That’s bound to shift, though, as the Daleks finally turn up to wreak havoc.

The BBC also released a statement regarding Doctor Who’s upcoming season.

“We are so thrilled to have unlocked the TARDIS, dusted down the sonic and be able to start filming again for the next season of Doctor Who. The amazing production team, crew and cast have worked wonders to get us shooting again in these challenging times. It’s going to be as fun-filled and action-packed as ever – with plenty of surprises.”

The forthcoming holiday special ‘Revolution of The Daleks’ will be broadcast either in December or January. We really don’t know whether it’s going to be on Christmas Day or a New Year’s Eve special. No news yet on when the 13th season of Doctor Who is going to hit our screens. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as we learn more.

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