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The Mandalorian Chapter 10: The Passenger Episode Review (Spoiler Alert!)

When you play a narrative video game, there is typically what is called a “main story” and also “side-quests.” These latter challenges are enjoyable, sometimes dangerous, but have very little effect on the main story. Many on social media have described Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian, named The Passenger, as a side-quest segment. It’s not completely true, because it’s a lot like last season’s second show. It kept up where the first left off, The Mandalorian got into some difficulty, then found himself in a life-threatening condition he couldn’t get out of himself. Perhaps the most important part about this Chapter for this Star Wars fan is the members we meet with from the New Republic. We know so least, beyond the canon novel Bloodline, of how the New Republic works as a nation.

To be honest, at the end of Chapter 10, The Passenger, we really don’t know anything much about what The Mandalorian is doing. And, since we have seen hundreds of near-dead experiences with low-level members of the monarchy, we have certain parallels and significant variations with the “strong” administration.

It is also worth remembering that the key villains of this episode have featured in the Star Wars canon previously, in the Star Wars rebellion. However, they come straight from the hand of the exceptional design maker, the late Ralph McQuarrie. These unusual predators are likely to freak out more than a few Star Wars fans, because spiders themselves are bad enough. But space spiders have shark-like rows of teeth? They’re the stuff of dreams.

Finally, we’re even seeing a number of new animal-based alien creatures in the Star Wars universe. The mystery alien guest-starring this week is a combination of a frog and a gecko. She’s not a Baby Yoda, but her unidentified mother is certainly a cutie.

The Mandalorian Chapter 10: The Passenger, Is a Perfect Episode

The Mandalorian Chapter 10 the Passsenger Mando Hobo

Although it’s original, Star Wars may get formulaic. For eg, the second episode of The Mandalorian season includes the Razor Crest getting trashed, finding a new alien pal, and battling some wild beast who would certainly destroy our protagonists, if not for some unexpected assistance. It’s a shame to write this episode off just as a side-question, since these almost stand-alone survival tales are almost as enjoyable as lore-based episodes. Boba Fett, Katee Sackhoff as Bo Katan, and Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano are all promising opportunities and iconic characters. Yet, this display is about mandalo and the Child getting stronger and overcoming the perils of a harsh interstellar existence.

But, while this episode is short on space wars, it’s a decent episode of the series that reveals that even the interstellar Lone Wolf and Cub can’t handle things on their own. It refers to the dynamics of this tale series in big ways. It honors the safety of life, but still underlining that you cannot preserve every life. The creatures that targeted Mando and Frog Mama were only trying to feed, live and defend their houses. Like Randall of the workers, Mando wasn’t really meant to be there that day. Instead, he ends up wiping out a whole group of animals that did not pose a threat to someone who had not fallen into their nursery. It’s something that people will dream about and talk over for years to come.

So, both as a stand-alone adventure and as part of the Star Wars universe-wide tapestry, the mandala Chapter 10, the traveler, is a great story. One more excuse, huh? It indicates that the modern government is stronger than the monarchy, if just marginally better.

The New Republic: Still Far From an Empire

We’re all acquainted with Han Solo’s and the Ghost team’s use of transponder beacon trickery to conceal their presence from the government. Yet, in this Chapter, two New Republic X-Wings (piloted by producer Dave Filoni and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) are asking The Mandalorian to turn on his tracking beacon so that they can locate the car. Essentially, these protagonists of resistance are traffic police. There are, however, several clear variations between their answer and that of the Empire.

Since Filoni’s father, Trapper Wolf, saw Razor Crest last season, seeing an unusual space ship will make him intrigued. When Mando sails, he’s pursued down to the frozen world where the majority of the episode takes place. And if they’re running, they’re not opening fire. In reality, at one stage, they pleaded with The Mandalorian not to “let them” take a shot at him. They’re using discipline. Earlier, they rescued The Mandalorian from a certain demise, and they appear to realize just what had happened to the modern republic jail transport that he had attacked. And they appear very able to abandon him on the frozen earth without any help. They may have come back, but we’ll never know.

We spoke about how the philosophical point of Star Wars is that structures are ultimately fallible. While becoming the good ones, the young government is out here moving ships away from their own company searching for “imperial Holdouts.” (which, to be honest, we realize there is.) Still, these people aren’t the Star Trek union. For something, they’ve got a sort of isolation in their work. In the first season, Wolf quite loosely directed his squad to kill a space station because it had a monitoring device from a prisoner’s submarine, the opportunity for innocents for all of them.

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