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Supernatural Finale: Speaking of Weary Heads

Supernatural’s 15-year streak concluded tonight. As such, I came here not to applaud the performance, but to bury it. (that’s how it works, isn’t it?) but let’s dig in and talk about the metaphysical main.

Spoiler Alert: An Overview of the Supernatural Finale

supernatural finale

After a season spent planning for a war between Winchesters and Chuck, the deity, it all came to a head last week. Sam and Dean always proved God by luring the Almighty into knocking the s*** out of them. It turns out, though, that it was just a ruse so that a deus ex Jackina might have been conceived. In other words, Jack spent his season gathering the energies of worlds, but when the time came, he could only make Chuck as innocent as a baby rabbit.

But it wasn’t just “Meet the new God–same as the old God.” Jack went on to satisfy his celestial duties, thus assuring Winchesters that like The IRL king, he wasn’t dead. He’s there, even though they can’t see him. After that, he abandoned them, and The Winchesters were gone. They might have went somewhere. They should do something about it. Jackson Browne played “living on zero” instead of the normal Kansas, but that was all right. Fade to the black side. The best of that.

Wait, I’m informed it wasn’t the last, really. Ok, that’s just what I’m gonna recall.

About the Finale

But, in reality, The final was a two-hour affair. The first hour was not a complete show, however. Rather, it was a rundown of the program including the actors and the staff. It was all right, I figured, and I’m sure a lot of people appreciated it. However, I considered it a little light–it felt like and lengthy introduction to the program. I’d like to learn any specifics that a really casual fan like me doesn’t even recognize. But then we got to the last episode and the real mystical last.

Forget of sam and Dean having a regular existence. After a short respite at pie fest–hell yes, bro–they’re going to have a lawsuit. No, there are still monsters out there? Ha, kid, I suppose. They wind up in a stable, battling a den of vampires, who they handily kill. And then, hold on a sec, I have to move down my hallway And up.

And so it turns out that, in the midst of the war, Dean was emboldened by a tweet. After several battles AND losses, Dean Winchester finishes with a single nail for sure. It’s one of the most ridiculous items I’ve ever seen.

All Deans Go to Heaven

I say, Sam’s right there, preparing to order an ambulance, but Dean doesn’t seem to be in a poor state. But no, Dean’s the “guess I’m going to die” meme guy, and he’s all a monolog on how much Sam means to him before he eventually shuffles off This mortal coil. Not to use pay channel terminology, but what the heck (again, I’m sorry) was that??? Let’s go back to the 2005 episode, because I’m going to warn you the Dean is essentially dying of tetanus like a pilgrim.

Oh, my. After that, Dean finds himself in the clouds. By the way, the mystical aspect of a specific paradise has always been one of my favorite Aspects about The film. (note to God: As we have mentioned, Salomeville is an everlAsting collapse in The house of my maternal grandparents. don’t forget.) it’s also why I’m not going to roast the show because Impala is also heading to heaven. Anyway, in his capacity As our new king, Jack took that concept and enlarged it, that you will now enjoy eternity in a kind of celestial community with your loved ones. It’s very good, even if it’s sad that we can’t see either Castiel, the creator of this transition, or Mary and John. (I’m trying to be generous, though, and say it was due to a pandemic.)

Meanwhile, Sam survives for the remainder of his life in a series of budget wigs.

Is that really feeling, my guy? We’re seeing him and a blurry woman figure that could be Eileen, but we’re never going to know, raise a son named Dean. Sam dies and meets Dean in Vancouven. To sum up: again, kid, I suppose.

Any who, have your tetanus injections, team! And, As usual, let me know what you’ve been saying about the finale, posting here or on our social network.

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