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Scream 5, The Movie Finishes Filming For Its Latest Film

As of now, word has come out that the shooting is finally completed on the upcoming Scream trip. The new film is expected to act as the fifth chapter of this popular horror movie series. Matt Bettinelli Olpin and Tyler Gillet are expected to serve as directors on Scream 5. Matt has also been seen on a variety of other ventures that are very popular, such as Ready or Not. This shift in the directory role arises following Wes Craven’s tragic demise.

It was Wes who directed all four of the previous films included in this section. We’ve been waiting for Scream 5 to release for years, but Nothing ever changed. It was later that the spyglass media company publicly confirmed that they had secured all the rights to the film. The cast members have already been recruited for their respective parts. The list contains David Arquette, Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell.

Scream 5
Scream: A still from the previous installment

Scream 5: Filming has officially wrapped on the upcoming project

The producers have stated that the plot is not going to get a rough overhaul. Originally, it was expected that the shooting will begin in May with a release date scheduled for 2021. But then it was postponed due to the pandemic, so shooting could not begin. But anyway, shooting subsequently began in Wilmington, North Carolina, thus implementing protective procedures to avoid the transmission of the deadly Corona Virus.

It’s been two months or so since the shooting finished up with a new Scream video. Kevin Williamson has revealed in a tweet that the shooting has reportedly finished up on Scream 5. The article tweeted by the writer on the web site contains a picture of the author on the package. The title given to this story is literally Scream. Even, the film arrives with the notorious mask of Ghostface. It was also revealed later in the tweets that the release date of Scream 5 was scheduled for January 2022.

Scream 5 ― Release Date

We would have to wait a bit for a new trailer all this period. It’s because the scenes that are shot could take some time to get processed. All this though news media outlets have several set photos featuring Courtney Cox in the wardrobe of Gale Weathers’ character. Each of these collection photos indicated that Ghostface would come back as well. All this while, you guys should anticipate the release date if Scream is September or October, which is the perfect period to release horror movies.

It’s just so good that the shooting has come to an end with the publication date of January 2022. Also, it’ll all be so interesting to see what path the film is going to go and how the latest protagonists are going to merge with the original characters to fend off Ghostface. It’s unfortunate that we already have more than a year to go until we have the actual release date for the film. Let’s hope any photos or trailer can pop up shortly.

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