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Resident Evil: Netflix Confirms 8-Episode Live Action Series

Resident Evil is one of the most popular, best selling survival horror games of all time, and it’s coming to a TV screen near you very soon. On August 27, 2020, Netflix confirmed that a live action series inspired by Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil franchise will be coming to streaming service soon. The series will tell a brand new story following two timelines written by Andrew Dabb who is also functioning as the Showrunner and one of the show’s Executive Producers. Functioning as both Director and Executive Producer is Bronwen Hughes (The Walking Dead, The Journey Is the Destination)  who will be working on the first two episodes along with Robert Kulzer and Oliver Berben of Constantin Film and Mary Leah Sutton.

What is the release date for Resident Evil on Netflix?

Sadly, the release date for the Resident Evil series is probably still a long way off. The series itself has only confirmed, along with Andrew Durb starring as Schrüner.

The series was first introduced in May 2017, with Lauren Hisrich announced as the anticipated showrunner in December of 2017. The first season of The Witcher didn’t launch on Netflix until December 2019, so it’s probably safe to expect a similar timeline, within two years.

What is the plot for Resident Evil on Netflix?

Branching off of the original video game storyline, Resident Evil of Netflix is ​​planning to combine ideals from another sci-fi favorite: Stranger Things. 

The series’ plot will be spread across two different timelines, the first one following 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billy Wesker as they move into their new home. They soon learn that her seemingly innocent city is more than meets the eye and their father is hiding dark secrets that endanger life on Earth.

The second time period follows Jade at the age of 30, struggling to survive in a world where there are less than 15 million people alive on Earth. Included are over six billion monster who transformed after being infected by the T-virus. Her past secrets continue to haunt her while she struggles to survive in the New World.

We look forward to watching the show with you upon its release and will make sure to keep you updated on any new information as it becomes available.

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