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‘One Punch Man’ Season 3: Release Date, Storyline and Cast

One Punch Man is a Japanese anime series based on the web comic created by ONE, a Japanese manga artist, in 2009. The comic has also been adapted into a digital manga which is illustrated by Yusuke Murate and has over 20 million copies currently in circulation. The anime was written by Tomohiro Suzuki and directed by Shingo Natsume. It also features character animation and design by Chikashi Kubota, with music by Makoto Miyazaki. The series has received critical acclaim for it’s animation quality, visuals and comedic storyline garnering it an 8.8/10 on the IMDB rating scale.

‘One Punch Man’ Season 3: Release Date

The first season of the anime series first premiered in Japan from October 5th to December 21st of 2015. An English dub of the series first aired in the United States from July 16th to October 8th, 2016 on Adult Swim’s channel. After a long hiatus, season two returned in 2019, airing from April 9th to July 2nd. As of today, there has not been an official confirmation that One Punch Man will be returning for a third season. Additionally, due to the almost 4 year gap between season’s one and two, it’s difficult to speculate if or when the show will be returning for another season.

‘One Punch Man’ Season 3: Storyline

One Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, the main protagonist and superhero who packs a deadly punch. The story is set on an unnamed, supercontinent Earth where powerful villains and monsters are wreaking havoc in the cities. To combat this, a millionaire named Agoni creates the Hero Association which employs superheroes to battle the Monster Association. The Monster Association is responsible for the rapid creation of monsters and is intent on destroying the Hero Association.

Saitama is a lone superhero hailing from City Z who is self trained to defeat any enemy with a single punch. He does not work for either the Hero or Monster association but instead performs heroic deeds for his own enjoyment. Unfortunately, he becomes bored by a lack of challenging opponents and begins seeking out a worthy foe to battle.

Season 3 of One Punch Man will, of course, feature more of Saitama’s battles along with his struggles and stress from being the strongest man in the world.

One Punch Man Season 3 Genos

‘One Punch Man’ Season 3: Cast

The majority of the characters from season two is expect to return in season three, once confirmed. This includes:

  • Genos
  • Saitama
  • Metal Knight Blast
  • Tornado
  • Bang
  • Kamikaze
  • Child Emperor
  • King
  • Zombieman
  • Drive Knight
  • Pig God
  • Flashy Flash
  • And many more!
One Punch Man Season 3 Carnage

Where to Watch ‘One Punch Man’ Season 2?

Season one of the anime series is currently available for streaming on both Netflix and Hulu. Depending on your location, you may also be able to stream season one of One Punch Man on Amazon Prime. Season two has been exclusively released on Hulu.

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