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Netflix Releases The Alice In Borderland Trailer Based on Manga

The newest original series by Netflix is Alice In Borderland, based on a manga and a popular original video animation. The science-fiction series is a gritty adventure film set in a post-apocalyptic setting, and the entire thing looks utterly scary. Alice In Borderland’s live-action trailer has just been published and offers viewers an in-depth glimpse at this terrifying universe and what everybody needs to do to survive.

Alice In Borderland New Netflix Series

The Alice In Borderland manga was published in 2010 with a total of 18 chapters, ending in 2016. The series was so successful that it also had an original video film named after it. The plot has a high school student focusing on his life one night and creating a wish to live in another country. Suddenly, he and his two mates are relocated to alternative Tokyo, a post-apocalyptic world populated by different people. In order to live, the three friends must take part in outrageously rough and dangerous sports.

Manga is having a live-action version on Netflix. The Alice In Borderland live-action trailer published earlier today is an adrenaline-driven trip of crazy. Fast action and dramatic scenes certainly make this series worth looking forward to, and something that’s entirely different than what we normally see.

Alice In Borderland Live-Action Trailer Released

The Alice In Borderland trailer on Netflix is a crazy journey. The trailer reveals the condition of our main protagonists and how they find themselves in a familiar yet unfamiliar setting. Initially frightened and soft, they have to adjust to the laws of the ‘game,’ to live. What happens is some monumentally fucked up scenes of battle, assassination, and all-out chaos, when everybody appears to be struggling to make it happen alive.

There appears to be a form of improvement of the games as well. Winning one isn’t enough, you’ve got to win a lot, and you’ve got to gather cards to get what you want. And even that appears to be odd. People appear to be in control in various areas of the region. Lead heroes ought to find out not just how to live in this modern environment, but also, somewhere, how to get back to their own. And they’re clearly going to have to play the game for that.

Alice In Borderland releases on Netflix on December 10

The latest Netflix series is distinct from the regular streamer shows we see. Though there are a number of asian martial arts movies and series, one with The Purge’s desperate fear in the post-apocalyptic environment is unusual. Alice In Borderland’s live-action teaser still appears to concentrate on character development and a strong storyline for its characters. Initially feeling frail and delicate, at the end of the film, our characters appear like awesome action stars. I’m a sucker for character growth that has reluctant characters become fantastic heroes. What’s more interesting is that we’re not going to have to wait long for the season to see how it all plays out.

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