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Netflix Confirms Blood Of Zeus Anime Season 2

It’s been unavoidable. When there is an anime as strong as Blood Of Zeus, with awe-inspiring graphics, a revival is just necessary. The fantasy anime series retelling the tale of the Greek Gods on Mt. Olympus stole all of our imaginations as it debuted on Netflix a few weeks ago. The series was such a hit that Netflix already confirms the revival of the Blood Of Zeus anime season 2. This is important, as season 1 of the anime set up a a few dangling story lines that viewers wished to fix in the second season. But with the Blood Of Zeus season 2 verified, here’s what you should anticipate.

Blood Of Zeus Season 1 Was Incredible


While I personally had a couple problems with the Blood Of Zeus season 1 storyline, it’s impossible to argue that the series wasn’t incredibly well produced. Every premiere season of the show has some hiccups along the way, and what the anime is doing is going extremely well, making up for the poorer sections of it. And one of the highlights of the current initial Netflix was its powerful anime animation theme. The universe of the Greek Gods has existed to us in a manner never seen before. Decadence and extravagance shone across beautifully in the film, almost as though it were a world we’d never seen before, amid numerous other shows and movies on the same topic.

There was a lot of Blood in Zeus’ season 1 plot along with his visuals. A jilted ex-wife, a sacrificing to faith for ‘joy,’ a trapped character in the hands of yet another huge enemy, and a hero that appeared to have a happier ending. This is where we left stuff at the end of season 1, obviously promising things to come in season 2, and now that Blood Of Zeus season 2 is verified, we should expect that these plot beats will be more explored and more fleshed out.

With Blood Of Zeus Anime Season 2 Renewal, Fans Rejoice

Season 2 of Blood Of Zeus is expected to be awesome. Now that the introductions and growing pains of the show are out of the way, we can finally move into the flesh and the potatoes of the plot. One of my issues with season 1 was how underdeveloped the structure of the Gods and the interactions between them is. However, with the introduction of Hades in the final of season 1, maybe we’re going to discuss it a little bit further.

Hades is the guardian of the underworld in Greek mythology. So When Heron kills Seraphim in the main, he arrives at the gates of hell, provided by Hades. It looks like Hades is going to have a bigger part in Blood Of Zeus season 2, which means we’re certainly going to get some form of explanation regarding his tense friendship with the other Gods. In most Greek Gods, film, or media, Hades is almost always a major baddie, planning to kill Zeus and take over Olympus. Anything identical may happen in Blood Of Zeus as well. especially now that there’s a lack in control.

What to Expect In Season 2 Of Blood Of Zeus

The season finale saw Zeus kill himself in an effort to rescue his child, Hera, from the Giants. That was a last act that was supposed to be forgiven to be a cheater, practically all through their union. The efficacy of the move is doubtful, but the truth is that Zeus is gone. But the issue remains: who is going to reign over Olympus? Season 2 of Blood Of Zeus may see a war for a throne, a Game Of Thrones, where several parties play for a place. She’s clearly not gone, so it’s fair for her to come back and claim the throne for herself. But maybe it’s a matter of Hades vs. Hera, but clearly things are going to be more complex than that.

Heron and Seraphim

Seraphim is probably the best character of Zeus’ Blood. He is a troubled boy, growing up to be the leader of an army of demons, possessed by retribution and exploited by those around him. He’s a tragic guy, and by far the most fascinating of all. Looks like season 2 would begin to reveal him to be a pawn in the broader game, since he may be allied with Hades. If Heron, armed with his brand-new Demi-God strength, chooses to side with the Gods of Olympus, his only remaining kin, it might be a brother vs. a brother scenario. It’s time.

It’s obvious that Blood Of Zeus season 2 is something that viewers are looking forward to. There’s no news on when season 2 will premier but stay tuned for updates.

Season 1 of Blow Of Zeus is now streaming on Netflix.

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