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My Octopus Teacher Part 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast and Synopsis

About My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

The movie captures a rare friendship between a filmmaker diver and an octopus.
Released in 2010, part one of the film begins with Foster sharing how he began scuba diving in kelp forests on the tip of South Africa. Kelp forests are an underwater space with a very dense population of kelp which covers a large part of the world’s coastlines.

So, Foster began scuba diving. He used to film while capturing his journey throughout the underwater world. While doing so, he came across a curious, young octopus and catches his attention. He then began frequently visiting her den and he tracking her movements day-to-day. After studying her for months, he finally was ready to earn the octopus’s trust.

In this movie, Foster explains how his connection with the octopus has changed his life in a positive way. In addition, the movie shares an incident where the octopus defends herself from the pyjama sharks. During this conflict, the octopus loses one of her arms and then retracts back to her den to regenerate the lost arm.

The octopus then decides to mate with another octopus and thus, she is ready to produce a lot of eggs. After this, the octopus dies and a shark carries her body away. Following this event, Foster describes the impact of his relation with the octopus on his relationship together with his son. Additionally, the movie reveals his son’s growth as a diver and scholar of marine life.

Renewal Status of My Octopus Teacher Part 2

Netflix launched the first part of My Octopus Teacher on 7 September 2020. The film is a true source of entertainment for all of the animal lovers because it describes the amazing bond between the 2 opposite creatures, i.e, an animal and a human being. As the first part of this documentary film was launched not too long ago, thus no predictions will be made for the second part of the film. The fans will unfortunately have to wait to learn about the future life of Foster.

Cast and What to Expect from My Octopus Teacher Part 2

Usually, a documentary film doesn’t include an enormous cast. So, as it’s a documentary film itself, the film include the diver himself, Craig Foster who recorded his life experiences below the deep blue sea and an octopus.

In part two, we are able to count on seeing more of Craig and his son named Tom’s relationship. The viewers may additionally see how he copes with the death of his beloved Octopus friend. Tom, turns into an excellent swimmer and an underwater diver, so we may even see more of his life as well.

Synopsis of My Octopus Teacher Part 2

Part one of the documentary film took the viewers right into a world of two completely different creatures. A stunning documentary exhibiting how being completely different changes nothing should you actually care about one another. Part 2 will certainly continue to show the connection between an animal and a human being. Although, we are able to say that the creature will probably be octopus again, perhaps part 2 will give attention to Foster’s son, Tom and it may show how Tom will adapt to the lifestyle he’s face with. It could show how he’ll follow along the footsteps of his father as becomes a superb diver himself.

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