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My First First Love Season 3: Confirmed? Release Date & Storyline

K-drama sequel’s is something that viewers dream of. Most K-drama episodes, including famous ones, are seldom renewed for the second season. Luckily, now that Netflix has begun making Original Korean series, we will actually get to see their sequel. But the odds of the return of My First First Love season 3 are pretty good. When is it going to release? Are tae-o and song going to get married? Here’s what you need to hear about the game.

My first passion is the revival of the popular South Korean drama My First Time in 2015. It premiered as a Netflix Original series back in April 2019 and captured the hearts of millions of viewers from across the globe. In comparison to other k-dramas, the coming-of-age series did not make its audiences wait for the second season. In July 2019, the second season started within a few months. Since then, diehard viewers have been waiting to see the continuation of their beloved characters in Season 3.

The story of the heart-warming display revolves on five college students and their chaotic experiences with the idea of first love. Apart from romance, the series was also praised for its cute representation of friendship between them. These characters are all unforgettable, including the protagonist, Yun Tae-o, and his long-time childhood buddy Han Song-i. Their lives are shifting when Song-i, along with two of Tae-o’s mates (Choe Hun & oh Ga-rin), end up living together.

My First First Love Season 3

My First Love Season 3: Confirmed Or Cancelled?

Netflix also reversed the boring old series of kdramas that had been cancelled during the first Season. With famous sequels like the Stranger season 2, Kingdom season 2 & 3 alongside the much-awaited Love Alarm Season 2, the pattern seems to be changing. There is always possibility, however, for the return of my first love.

On the other side, following the success of the new Netflix Original Korean series, demand for sequel is the day by day. My first attraction is one of the most popular kdramas on streaming sites. It has also become critically popular and an immediate sensation with foreign viewers. Most notably, the conclusion of the series was bitter-sweet for a lot of fans, and there’s space to extend the plot. So, My First First Love season 3 is expected to make a big return.

My First First Love Season 3

However, neither Netflix nor the development company AStory has reported the renovation. Well, even though it doesn’t rule out the prospect of another season, it’s best to wait until a formal announcement. This segment will be changed as soon as the news comes.

My First First Love Season 3: What Will Be The Plot?

Although it was straightforward, the storyline of the second season differed significantly from the first. Although many viewers enjoyed Do-Hyeon and Song-i together, others still shipped her to Tae-o. Yeah, something occurred when childhood friends ended up falling for each other at the end of season 2. Whereas poor Do-Hyeon had passed away with his father and had to bid farewell to Tae-o, Song-i, and the party.

My First First Love Season 3

In the other side, Hun quit his father’s position for good, while Ga-Rin had to go home again. Now that the band has disbanded, people are hoping for a revival in My First First Love season 3. Tae-o and Song-i are still expected to stay a pair in the coming season. While their dynamics can shift when they become adults. In reality, the audiences are still anticipating them to be struck. Oh, their union may have taken mates together in the most recent series.

My First First Love Season 3: Release Date

Netflix is yet to confirm the final renewal of the much awaited K-drama sequel. It is expected to come prematurely, though. For the shows, the streamer would have to assemble the cast of the film. The shooting will begin until all the actors are available. In addition, the manufacturing phase is expected to take around a year to complete. Therefore, the release date of My First First Love season 3 could be about March or April 2021. Keep an eye on this corner with any potential changes.

Who’s your favorite character in the show? What are your thoughts for my first Love Season 3? And share your feedback with us in the section below.

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