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Masashi Kishimoto Comes Back To Write For Boruto Manga

Buroto needed quite some time to make his own appearance. As of now, the sequel is moving on under the weight of Naruto’s strong prestige. People, including the viewers as well as the reviewers, enjoy all that’s going on in the plot. All this time, this animation series is also seeking to solve one of the strongest arcs of this book. Still, we’re both expected to hold our eyes open for the shift of writing that’s going on.

The news has come out that Masashi Kishimoto is able to take over for Boruto and his writing duties. Ok, evidently, the fans have a lot to say regarding this big move. And all the people who really don’t know about this event, you guys should know that this news has just come out. The guy who originally produced Naruto is now taking a step back from his duties by landing in the role of writer for Boruto. At the starting point, we saw how this job was assigned to the writer Ukyo Kodachi by Kishimoto.

Boruto: The son of Naruto

The writer swap on Boruto is happening.

This was while he was making designs for a new manga named Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru. After, we noticed how poor the returns on this initiative was, the Kishimoto novel series was discontinued. After this sequence of events, the legendary man is considered to be released to plan his Boruto program. Obviously, we have fans who have a lot to say about the topic.

Kishimoto is fully conscious of the characters in Naruto in the strongest possible way, and this can be said without any signs of uncertainty. However, there are already a lot of people who are asking whether the company is still safer with any fresh hands. Kodachi, formerly renowned for his work in the animation film business, has also been lauded by reviewers for drawing up groundbreaking material.

A picture of Boruto

How has this change impacted the fans?

But clearly, we’ve seen how the long-standing followers of the show have been affected by the manga handling their legendary icons like Naruto and Sasuke. In reality, the manga was looking forward to killing this couple shortly. Well, this case may always happen under the guidance of Kishimoto. All this time, there are still a number of questions regarding the future of our favorite shows, considering the shift in author. But clearly, everybody’s looking for the future, because as long as our squad 7 is all right, the fans don’t have any complaints. Here we introduce to you some quick memes that take place in the nation after this change.

Yeah, we’re both fairly confident a new season of the program is going to be top-notch, and we really shouldn’t have any questions about it. Also, we should bear in mind that getting the same writer might build the same dialogs and things. I say, if we had a new creator, the entire vision of the show would have shifted, because we would have got a new tale with fresh concepts.

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