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Review: The Mandalorian Chapter 11

In our critique of the rider, the second episode of Disney+’s hit Star Wars series this season, we said it was a great show. Tied to the broader plot, it was a one-off trip with The Mandalorian and the latest Star Wars cutie (who i nicknamed Frog Mama). The Heiress takes up where the last episode of The Mandalorian left off, the Razor Crest limping its way to the earth. What happens then is another wonderful half-hour adventure, but instead of fresh mates, Star Wars viewers are exposed to an old one. As we previously mentioned, Katee Sackhoff emerged as Bo-Katan Kryze, a leading character in the final arc of The Clone Wars.

Although this creation is interesting enough, we still get some answers to the key concerns that Star Wars fans have along the journey. Because we had seen Mandalorians in canon before, the contradictions between them and Din Djarin’s views were fantastic. Often, we get some glimpse into the other major cameo role that we’ve been hoping on, but we don’t have a good idea when we’re going to see it.

The Heiress was fast going and looked very familiar to the third chapter of the first season of The Mandalorian. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni seem to take George Lucas’ “every stanza kind of rhymes with the last one.” ethos literally. Last chapter was a battle between Mando and a vicious beast. This chapter deals with Mando finding a new friend and battling against the legacy of colonial forces, but the comparisons are ending there. Whereas it was a Seven Samurai salute, it’s now Star Wars.

Mandalorian’s Quest

The Mandalorian The Heiress Featured

When the teaser for season 2 of The Mandalorian was released, people found Mercedes Varnado, recognized in professional wrestling as Sasha Banks. Many thought she may be playing Star Wars: the rebel character Sabine Wren. Fans were close. Varnado played Koska Reeves, a mandalo associated with Bo-Katan. Agents of SHIELD alum Simon Kassianides even baked Bo-Katan as Axe Woves, another Mandalorian. These three spied Mando’s emergence, and he arrived in the nick of time to rescue him and Baby Yoda from another band of double-crossing invaders. (also, RIP to the giant floating pram designed by Kuiil.)

For the first time, Mando knew someone who had considerable practice with the Jedi. Although Bo-Katan didn’t tell him everything she learned, she told him (and us) plenty. She sent him to locate Ahsoka Tano, the character of The Clone Wars and the Rebels who was once a Jedi, but now represents the army in a different way. This all-but guarantee that Rosario Dawson would take on the role of Ahsoka. And, as far as we realize from the end of the rebellion, Sabine Wren is going to be there. (my money is still played by the voice actor Tiya Sicar.) we also discover that Bo-Katan is searching for her house, the Darksaber that we last saw with Moff Gideon.

Finally, we received some feedback about The Mandalorian group that Djarin belongs to. Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans plainly noticed the Death Watch sign on the pauldron of The Mandalorians who saved him. It turns out that the reluctance to reveal their faces is unique to the party. Although Mando doesn’t want to support Bo-Katan and his business, he sacrifices his life to achieve the objective of their mission. It seems like the seeds have been established for fans to start seeing Pedro Pascal’s face more.

Ahsoka Tano

After the loss of the Empire’s holdouts, including a cameo from Titus Welliver, Bo-Katan told mandalo where to go. She sends him to find Ahsoka in the town of Calodan on the Corvus forest world. If that name looks familiar, that’s the name of the ship Iden Versio was piloting in Battlefront II. obviously, it was named after this world, which is where Ahsoka is or, most possibly, was. Although it’s likely that we will actually see Ahsoka in live action in episode 4, it’s definitely going to be a quest to find her. She and Sabine were searching for Ezra Bridger, who had vanished at the end of the Rebels. Also, a lot of the curiosity regarding the infant can be solved in locating her. More precisely, Din Djarin is going to know as much about him as we fans do.

It seems like the type of stuff that’s going to be rescued by the end of the season, with Mando trailing a trail of bread crumbs to the once-and-future Jedi. Of note, we all realize that there is no Jedi left outside of Luke Skywalker. Yet, we through end up on a tRIP to the world from which Yoda’s family originates. Of note, there is still the question of Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon and Darksaber. We realize a conflict is imminent, but how this plays with Mando’s mission to get Baby Yoda back to his own species remains in doubt.

Any way, Star Wars fans will be pleased that, with The Heiress, The Mandalorian is creating ties to the broader Star Wars saga. Also, when we share “this is The Way” with Bo-Katan, we see that Djarin might be softening his zealous devotion to The Way he was taught.

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