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Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Reunion Airing Tomorrow on HBO Max

When it comes to portraying Black individuals in the mainstream media, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a cultural institution. The immensely successful series battled the stereotypes, defied tradition, and provided the ages with an entertainingly funny family sitcom. You don’t even think about it but it’s hard to imagine where things will be if not for Fresh Prince in the discussions of inclusion today. The series launched Will Smith’s Oscar-nominated stardom after being plucked straight from the streets of Philadelphia. It’s the perfect moment for a Fresh Prince reunion trailer with the show’s 30th anniversary coming up. Get ready to see the full cast back on HBO Max.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

The TV sitcom, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, released in 1990 on NBC. The show was about a Black teen from Philadelphia moving to live in the suburbs of Bel-Air with his affluent aunt and uncle, after he had gotten into a gang altercation. The main source of humor, as well as some insanely sad scenes, revolved around the idea of the street smart blue-collar teen struggling to mesh into his white-collar, upper class family. The show continued throughout the lives of the main cast for six seasons as they grew into adults from adolescence, and all that life had to throw their way in-between. The wealthy family dimension allowed the show to challenge many Black media stereotypes and to break ground on the modern-day representation of African-Americans on television.

Not to mention that the entire effort hung on the shoulders of Will Smith, an untrained, unproven, scrawny rapper who had never acted for a day in his life. The Fresh Prince reunion trailer reveals how Smith brought back the whole cast of the show, and I mean, the whole cast, to address the best, bad, and most memorable moments during their run. And for someone who grew up watching the antics of the Banks and Smith families, it brings back so many memories.

The Fresh Prince Reunion Trailer Is The True Definition of Nostalgia

These days, revivals and reunions are all the rage. The Fresh Prince reunion trailer naturally set itself apart from the others. With Will Smith establishing expectations, the trailer opens. The video then reveals how the cast reunited to film the long-running series on the same sound stage. The reunion is for fans, but also feels like it’s for the cast themselves. From Alfonso Ribiero, Tatyana Ali, and Karyn Parsons to Joseph Marcell, Daphne Reid, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, everyone is back. The cast looks happy to once again be with each other and it’s truly delightful to watch as a fan.

Having everybody back together brings back memories of seeing the actors in the show, when you appreciate how much of their dynamic was truly focused on just meshing their real-life personalities. The show was about Black Excellence, as Ali puts it and the excellence was the cast supporting one another like a family. And it hit the tv, making the show so beloved, also thirty years later. The trailer reveals bits of interviews and stories about encounters that the cast shares. When they recall Smith’s on-screen uncle and a sort of off-screen James Avery tutor, things get emotional. Smith’s uncle played Avery and died in 2013 and is the only cast member absent from the reunion — ok, almost the only one. The trailer concludes with a twist.

Aunt Vivian’s Controversy

Fresh Prince reunion trailer image.

Something that occurs at the end is one of the most fascinating aspects about the Fresh Prince reunion trailer. Without ‘Janet’, Smith assures the rest of the cast he couldn’t celebrate 30 years of the show. Then, Janet Hubert, the original actor who played Smith’s aunt, Vivian, appears. This is a big deal because at the conclusion of season 3, due to a somewhat controversial event, the star was replaced on the show. Daphne Reid replaced Hubert and went on for the rest of the series to play Aunt Vivian.

The dismissal was very public, and likely due to Hubert and Smith not getting along on the set of the show. In the newspapers, both said some nasty things about each other. Hubert held Smith accountable for her leaving, while Smith accused her of being miserable to work with. It appears that the two have settled their disagreements from back then. That’s impressive, as it is great to see every single cast member return for the Fresh Prince reunion trailer. Today, Hubert seems like she’s in a different location from the sound stage, and we’re not sure if she’s really going to show up with the entire cast at the reunion but we’re looking forward to finding out.

The Fresh Prince reunion streams on HBO Max on November 19. 

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