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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Release: Manga Spoilers and Raw Scans

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66: yeah, from now on, things look like the war between Moro, the planet killer, and Son Goku, the galaxy’s famed martial artist and part-time world savior, who has been battling for a long time, is now in its final stages. We’ve seen how Moro turned all the tables in only a few chapters. He achieved this by swallowing the Seven-Three. All this time, we have observed how our own Merus as well as Goku turned the tables back on him.

The series preceded Moro’s first ingestion of the Seven Three and his return to his former glory. Later in the story, he went on to understand all the forces of Vegeta that also contained the Spirit Fission. As of now, Merus destroyed all of his crystals and took away half of his forces. Thus, we see how Goku goes on to react back to the angel of the trainee and to his appeal for the transformation of MUI. Some of the raw scans of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 have also been published in recent times.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66: Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66: Release Date and Spoilers

We all remembered the scene in which Goku stated that if becoming a Galactic Officer requires murdering Moro, his only ambition is to battle him as an Earthling. At that moment in time, we all realize that the world is going to let loose. All this time, the issue doesn’t even contain an ‘if’ anymore. It’s more about whether Moro’s going to beat Goku by using some form of trickery.

There are many mainstream media sources who have reported that Moro will be defeated in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. This element would also mark the conclusion of the galactic patrol prisoner series. All this time, you guys should realize that the makers of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 have set an official release date. It is expected to be released on 20 November 2020. The bad news is that we have not yet obtained a title for this segment.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 ― Recap of The Previous Chapter

Also, back in Chapter 65 of the dragon ball mega, we saw how Kuirin opened the Chapter when he gazed across the battlefield. This is the stage when he knows that after all, Goku did not require the Senzu beans. Right at this moment, Goku is walking up to Moro to ask him to get up. This is why Goku races to Kuririn to take the Senzu.

This is where we know he’s trying to do the cell thing all over again, but will his efforts be successful? Moro will be offered an escape opportunity later by foolhardy Saiyajin. Through voting for it, Goku’s survival will be saved if Moro returns to the interstellar jail and guarantees that he can never break the bars in the future. We see, however, that Moro has committed to this agreement made by Saiyajin in haste.

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