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Dexter Season 9: Dexter Returning With Clyde Phillips, Plot Teased, Possible Finale?

Fans last saw Dexter leave at the end of the 8th season, but he’s expected to head back to Dexter season 9 with a new guy. Well, the latest specifics reveal what really happened to Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) in Dexter season 9. The series was the longest-running program on Showtime and quickly became one of the greatest programs on TV. However, the finale of the 8th season left me asking, is this the end of Dexter? While Dexter is a character who, despite being a forensic technician at Miami PD, has some psychological problems, he is an imaginative serial killer.

And the spectators enjoy his aggressive method of murdering criminals. This took the program straight to several Emmy awards. And the show is also known for its enigmatic end. Dexter made his debut in 2013. The program has been in the news since then. The first season was fierce, filled with some grim comedy. The display has often been celebrated for Hall’s excellent success. Soon Jennifer Carpenter lifted the stakes high by posing as Dexter’s baby niece, Debra. For several viewers, the fourth season of the show struck the nerves with John Lithgow’s return as trinity murderer. The last season, though, rendered me speechless.

Well, everybody was upset last season when Dexter resigned from his employment. A lot of viewers figured that was the culmination of the Showtime hit crime thriller. But, finally, the network revealed that Dexter would be back and discuss it all. Showtime focused on repairing Dexter’s credibility. That’s why Dexter season 9 has been renewed. The network also requested ten new series.

Dexter Season 9: What To Expect From The Upcoming Season?

Not only is Hall going back, but the initial showrunner Clyde Phillips is also back, who quit during the fourth season. Well, he told the viewers that he would not change the stuff that had happened in the last season. But, he told himself, the ninth season will offer a stronger ending to the Dexter story. Does that imply that Dexter season 9 will act as the final season of the show?

The latest story specifics hinted that Dexter had quit Miami. In the final of the last season, Dexter went missing when Hurricane Laura landed. Still, as a lumberjack, he starts his new life in Oregon. He’s working under a fake label away from Miami. Yet the country is also searching for the largest serial murderer. The goal is that Dexter will remain happily in a rural place anywhere in America.

Dexter Season 9: Will Dexter’s Son Play A Role In The Next Season?

Last season, Dexter’s son Harrison and his girlfriend Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) went to Argentina. After ten years, though, the father and the son reunited at the close of the final season. But it is not kNown whether or not they will begin to recur throughout the final season.

Clyde Phillips Highlighted Things Would Be Quite Different

Well, the coming season will be deemed a second game, as Phillips said. Still, he said it’s not going to erase the activities and the final of the 8th season. There will be several improvements, though, so people will enjoy it. Dexter season 9 was expected to improvise the tough season 8 end, so that they could produce a worth watching result.

Dexter Season 9: Release Date

It seems like Dexter has time to head back to your TV screen again. As is currently the case, it was not announced when the shooting for Dexter season 9 will begin. However, the network told its viewers that Dexter season 9 will be back in 2021.

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