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Black Clover Episode 153: Preview, Plot & Release Date

The title of Black Clover episode 153 is “The Chosen Ones.” The preparation period before the Soade kingdom war will begin while everybody is already preparing to become better. It’s the first anime series. The manga missed the six-month preparation phase, but the anime series displays every aspect available before joining the most awaited war story.

Fans have recently seen a confrontation between the leaders of the team, and now, in the next chapter, they can see the pick of the best fairy knights for the joint preparation. It will definitely be fun, since it will star Leopold and Mereoleona as well. But if you’re a fan of this anime and want to hear more about the next show, just keep reading.

Black Clover Episode 153

Black Clover Episode 153: Preview & Plot

The title of the next episode already points at some form of range. According to the teaser, the fans can see the pick of the Clover Kingdom knights heading to the Heart Kingdom during this joint training time. It is possible that audiences would even see them debating plans for their greatest war ever.

Elsewhere, Leopold was also seen doing intensive training with his mother, Mereoleona. Recently, in the previous series, the fans have seen the Black Bull squad practice hard. And now the Black Clover episode 153 will turn the focus on Crimson Lion. Leopold recognizes Asta as his true competitor.

Black Clover Episode 152 Episode Recap

The fairy knights constantly practiced day and night to plan for the coming war with the Spade Kingdom and the demon. Asta and Noelle are much more hyped, expecting a day of meet with the spirit guards of the heart realm. Yami, Finral and Gordon also landed in the midst of the work of Noelle and Asta. Fin’s gonna contact Asta and Noelle, who’s gonna wonder if it’s appropriate. Yami informed them they had to go, and Fin opened his grimoire and unlocked the door that would take them to their destination.

The crows pursue Asta, and the students laugh at him because he can’t order the crow, because he’s got a little mana. In the meantime, Noelle approached Nozel, and she informed him that Asta had called her. They want to go back to their origins and plan for the war of the future.

Black Clover Episode 153

Black Clover Episode 153: Release Date

The six-month preparation period will step on in the next chapter of the anime. Black Clover episode 153 will be published on Tuesday, November 22, 2020. Fans will watch Crunchyroll to the new chapter of this series.

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